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Our service system
subverts the traditional, diversifies the way to play, understands our students understands the enterprise
Registration is free - good internship opportunities are also available
No high service fees, just complete the free registration and provide information SBSI has a fairer and more professional audit system to match the more suitable internship opportunities according to market demand and student conditions
Pre-vocational education - can also be very interesting to learn
No longer boring articles and boring preaching. SBSI utilises short videos and offline activities to the affinity and strength of the senior sister program to make the first step in the workplace practical and happy.
Market Specially made for the Youth – Play with the market with no pressure
No need of self-promotion as soon as you join SBSI Real feedback from the giant teenager-customer group The powerful diffusion effect from massive social media advertisements facilitates brand promotion, resulting in faster, more precise, more efficient connections between students and firms
Best Services
We offer the following services to students and businesses
Professional and enthusiastic team    Creative content in a convenient and efficient way
Target Student
Chinese students study aboard,local students from Australia, North America and Europe
Service for Student
Internships, pre-job education, industry social networking
Project for Sutdent
Senior inspiration plan,
Precious change of commutating with the professionals in each industry
Idea provider for the new products
Target Company
Large, medium and small enterprises from all over the world, as well as various industry associations and service agencies.
Service for Company
High-quality workforce output, brand promotion and publicity.
Project for Company
Multi-package cost-effective workforce, accurate global young market product promotion
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