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Step by Step Internship
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SBSI is a new diversified platform designed to serve the pre-vocational education, workforce transportation and workplace interaction of outstanding university students and high-quality enterprises worldwide. Compared with the traditional internship industry market model, SBSI is able to provide more regular, more professional and more malleable overall services for these two groups based on the real needs of students and the long-term interests of enterprises.    

By subverting the traditional internship distribution model, establishing a rich pre-employment social platform, improving the information credit structure of student and enterprise terminals, and creating workplace skills tutorials that keep up with current affairs, we will create a high-quality ecology that genuinely solves the pain points of students and enterprises and allows them to actively participate. SBSI fills the gap in professional services and social ecology at the stage of university graduation to enter the workplace. It is a professional platform for groups that students trust and is practical for enterprises.

SBSI has gathered over 200 students from the world's top universities through websites, short videos, apps, etc., and cooperated with around 100 enterprises and institutions in 5 countries (continuously growing). It is a super cost-effective platform for enterprises to obtain high-quality interns, cultivate potential employees and bring young in young talent.  At the same time, it provides all round workplace assistance for young people.

Why Choose Us
Our core competitive advantage
If you are a Chinese student, Australian student, or a student or fresh graduate of a world-class university in other countries and regions, if you are eager to understand the actual workplace or need an internship job.
If your business needs international talent, if your target customer is a global group of youth, SBSI is a valuable step for students and businesses.
The willingness of cooperative enterprises to demand Chinese overseas students and local students in Australia/US/Europe
Survey on The Trust of Chinese Overseas Students in SBSI (as of August 2022)                     95%
Survey of Members' Satisfaction with SBSI's Various Courses and Interactive Programs (as of August 2022)

Do you feel a lack of trust in the traditional internship intermediary model?
SBSI truly starts from the perspective of building platforms/designing products/architecture rules and living up to every trust.
Whether you feel that the traditional channel is too expensive or unreasonable
SBSI wants to build a more cost-effective matching system in a fairer way by starting with free entry.
Do you feel that the internship work matches your intentions poorly?
SBSI's large number of cooperative enterprises and institutions professional AI intelligent systems allow value to be accurately released
Whether professional and rich pre-employment training is required
SBSI Team brings forward-looking exclusive courses to help the first step in the workplace.
Do you find traditional pre-service training outdated and boring?
SBSI all-platform stereoscopic gameplay from live teaching to offline communication.

Do you feel that interns lack basic pre-vocational education?
SBSI Specialization Systematic and regular pre-job education and training system makes talent transfer ready to use.
Do you feel that the intern's work cycle is short and not fixed?
SBSI has a large number of first-class student resources at the world's top universities to ensure long-term professional talent transfer.
Do you feel that the cost of training is not proportional to human feedback?
SBSI's more professional and efficient training and delivery system creates value for better cost savings for enterprises.
Do you feel that the possibility of excellent interns and enterprises to cooperate in the future is low?
SBSI's complete tracking service system gives enterprises a greater opportunity to achieve mutual achievements with excellent interns.
Whether there is a sense of mutual benefit with the lack of greater value among high-quality youth groups
SBSI's huge resources of top universities in China and abroad can employ talented youth.